Why Cameron Mutual?

What are the benefits of a mutual insurance company?

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Simply put, a mutual insurance company is a company that is not publicly traded and therefore has no shareholders. With a mutual insurance company, customers who are policyholders are entitled to vote in the board of director’s elections and at any and all meetings of the policyholders. Policyholders have the right to expect that the company’s highest priority is to look out for their interests.

How Our Policyholders Benefit

People pay premiums for insurance policies to transfer the risk – the possibility of financial loss – to the insurance company. The company, representing the interests of the policyholders, makes a promise it will be there, strong and solvent, years or even decades from now to pay a claim.

As a result, Cameron Mutual’s management team and the Board of Directors have one overriding objective: to ensure the right decisions are made today, so the company can continue to meet its obligations to policyholders tomorrow and far into the future. Because we are a mutual company, financial strength and stability remain our prime objective, as they have been for more than 120 years.

Personal Service from People Who Care™

Since 1892, Cameron Mutual has helped generations of families protect their homes, cars, farms and businesses by providing Personal Service from People Who Care™. From the professional, independent insurance agents in your communities to the fair and personal claims service we provide, our number one priority is to be there when losses occur. We endeavor to help put lives back together based on the promise we make to our policyholders.

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“I don’t know how we would have gotten through this loss without the help of your adjuster. He truly made a difference in our lives.”

Northwest Missouri

“I have never had to use insurance before so when I hit the deer, I just knew it was going to be a long, drawn out nightmare. But it was the complete opposite! My agent, adjuster and appraiser were all so prompt, compassionate and went above and beyond!”

North Central Missouri

“You hear all kinds of horror stories of insurance companies being difficult and not willing to help in your time of need. I am so pleased I have the exact opposite to say about you and your company.

The wreck impacted so many people aside from everything it did to me personally. It has been very refreshing not to have another issue on my hands with your company!”

Southwest Missouri